Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And on the Second Day and Also Second Month, Or So...

We find our Star of the Day!! This is my Blue Egg Layer, Qweety. She started out oh so well on August 6, laying the TWO blue eggs at once. Two days later she laid another nice egg. Then, nothing..........(crickets chirping)..............followed a whole month later by another two tiny, marble-sized eggs laid, one blue and one smaller white one, late at night,,,but they were the consistency of water balloons. Not good.

Yesterday, I noticed her sitting on Buffy's spot. She was there for quite awhile, a couple hours, but no egg. I have been home, let's see, the mornings of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, early Sunday morning, Monday morning (yesterday), and TODAY she finally lays the best egg she's ever laid. Nice hard shell and as big as Buffy's egg next to it! Or, at least I THINK it was Buffy's egg...could be Espie's, as Espie has been spending some time on the nest as well. (this is one hotly contested piece of coop property!) I was sorry I missed the big event, as I had to go downtown for work. I wonder how much jockeying for position there was to use the nest. They grow up so fast!

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  1. Complimentary Pink and Blue. I wonder if they will be boy/girl twins??