Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Am I eccentric? Or just incredibly blessed?

Yesterday I introduced myself to one of the bigwigs in my company who happened top stop by my assistant's cube (she sits right next to me). She's the assistant for, let's see, it's got to be 20+ people and I have no idea how she keeps up with all of them. But, she knows everyone and they all stop by eventually to say hello to her, so it's great for me to get to know these higher-ups.

At any rate, one of these management folks came by, and I'd always wanted to meet him, as he's in charge of Innovation for the whole company, and I get along well with those types, since I'm pretty creative. (It helps to keep one's options open, and know people, in the event I want to move to another job in the company someday.)

So as I'm introducing myself to him, my assistant urges me to tell him about my "pets". I tell her no, I can't tell him about THAT. She says, Oh go on, he's an animal guy, so I take a deep breath, and tell him about my 3 chickens. A broad smile spread across his face, and he told me about his 4 dogs and 9 (NINE!) parrots and something of something else (I stopped paying attention when he said parrots, as I love parrots and miss the ones I had to give up (due to taking care of my mom and her affairs). At any rate, he thought it was the greatest thing and then complimented me on my necklace (that day I was wearing a silver tree).

So, when a new position opens up, and it comes time for him to look for that someone who can think outside of the box, hopefully he will think of that woman who had the nerve to introduce herself to someone so high up and who has chickens and unusual jewelry. It's nice to know that there are like-minded people in this company and they aren't all into sports teams and drinking.

After he left, my assistant said that he's about as eccentric as they get in this company. Am I eccentric? What makes a person eccentric vs. normal? Eccentric vs. creative? When is eccentric bad? Is it ever good? Or am I just incredibly blessed by God to look at things at a different angle, an angle that delights people and takes their minds down a path they hadn't known of before?


  1. Hey, who wants to be normal? I thrive on being abnormal. :)

  2. I knew we are in this family together for a reason! You know what they say--birds of a feather....Love you, cuz!