Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Garden is A-Buzzin'!

Garden activities are in full swing around here. Just planted last year, my mini-dwarf apple tree already has 3 lovely, perfect apples on it.

The tomatoes and beans are coming in really well right now. I like the big, flat Italian (or, eye-talian, as my fiance says) beans best.

My purple butterfly bush has all kinds of visitors--admiral, monarch, black swallowtail, yellow swallowtail, and mourning cloak butterflies. It is next to the other flowers in my butterfly and hummingbird garden--trumpet vine, monarda, penstemon, and coneflower. Hummingbirds come and go all day, and they even fly right up to my window to check me out. This garden is right outside my home office window and what a joy it is to see all of these animals flit in and out all day!

Raspberries, blueberries, and corn are already done. Hopefully some sweet peppers will get big. I planted 6 plants so hopefully I will get something! Last year they did not do so well for some reason.

Concord grapes should be in about late August/September or so, assuming they got over their fungus problem. I really should keep a better eye on that.

My chickens are having lots of fun, when I let them out, to roam around the yard and garden, eating weeds, dirt, bugs, and who knows what else. Here is my Fluffernutter enjoying some dappled sun/shade in the garden. Her little downy behind is so cute! I will be glad to get married and move because then I can keep my chickens normally, without worrying about the troublesome neighbors I have now! (They are inside because the neighbors are being difficult)

I love summer and I do not want to see it end!

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